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Security labels for Police Forces and Justice services / courts in the UK

Seareach have been supporting police forces, security and justice services both at home and on deployment abroad for many years. We offer a wide range of asset marking tags, security labels and anti tamper seals to the blue light industry. Thanks to our years of experience we can offer the right solution to you, whether this is a general asset marking label or a specialist one-of-a-kind solution for demanding operational situations.

Seareach asset labels and tags can be found on police communications kit (such as Airwave radios), new bodycams worn by frontline officers and for sealing evidence that is submitted to the courts.

Unlike private companies, a police force is held to the highest possible standards by itself and the public it serves. In addition to the usual due-diligence required, police services have rigorous legal duties and public safety issues to consider. Whether this is dealing with freedom of information and GDPR requests, or maintaining an accurate chain of custody for evidence they are held to account at all levels. Proper, detailed and accurate asset management is a requirement and Seareach can work with you to ensure you are as efficient as possible.

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Asset tags for marking police and magistrate courts equipment

We understand the importance of clear, reliable and easy to use asset marking. Security services, magistrate’s courts and police forces deal with highly sensitive data on a daily basis. This data is subject to strict rules on handling and distribution and can be stored on a wide range of devices including USB drives, laptops & mobile devices. This information and the devices carrying it are required to be kept under tight control for data protection, freedom of information and chain of custody. We have worked with the courts and police forces to enable clear and secure marking of this critical kit. This includes the production of asset tags that fit into existing and complex audit systems as well as assisting in the formation of new asset management systems. Seareach have also been involved in producing anti-tamper seals that are used to detect tampering with secure devices, so that our customers can be confident of their devices integrity. We have designed and supplied seals with various additional security features to many police forces featuring our own high-security hologram (registered with the IHMA) to offer maximum security for sensitive data and to detect attempts at tampering.

PSU & PPE police asset marking labels

We have worked with a large force to assist in the management of their PSU equipment (police support unit); this included marking shields, batons and other PPE (personal protective equipment) issued to officers. To this end we developed a custom sized pre-printed tag that was suitable for application directly onto the kit. These tags underwent testing to ensure peak performance in some of most demanding situations officers are called to serve in. These tags, printed with asset numbers allowed the force to log kit when issued to officers, keep up to date maintence and service records and ensure that all equipment was returned to the correct stores after deployment.

The storage, maintenance and issuing of firearms within police armouries requires accurate and detailed asset management. To ensure the safety of both officers and the public at large, robust and reliable asset control is a must and our products can meet those needs. Seareach have worked with force armourers to integrate our self-adhesive asset tags into existing systems and new roll-outs alike. We have years of experience in working with customers who demand the highest performance from our products in extreme conditions. We are able to fully customise our offerings to include the data and design elements you need – offering advice on materials and printing processes to best suit your needs.

To see the types of products we manufacture, please take a look at our product range here.

Tamper evident labels for police forces

Evidence can be gathered in a myriad of ways – from fingerprints to digital images or footage on a hard drive or smart-phone. Seareach has a range or tamper-evident seals that add to the security and management of evidence – maintaining detailed chain of custody before evidence is handed over to the courts and then onwards to trial. Our voiding products feature the highest performance adhesives, allowing quick and clear identification of tampering on a wide range of items and surfaces. We can include control numbers, officer signatures and date and time logging into our designs. Seareach can develop bespoke shapes and sizes to suit even the most specific needs of SOCOs operating in the field. We also provide labelling and anti-tamper solutions to laboratories and have a wide range or specialist materials for use in labs.

Security labels for prisons

Prison services face a daunting task in securing items used by staff, prisoners and visitors alike. The risk of smuggled contraband by visitors or self harm by prisoners requires strict control of items used day to day by staff and inside cells and communal spaces. Seareach have worked with prison security staff to offer an easy to use high security seal that can be used to detect tampering with items such as electronics used in cells. Only requiring a quick visual inspection, these seals act as both a deterrent and seal. If prisoners know tampering with an item will be quickly discovered, they are less likely to attempt to use them for contraband.

To see the types of products we manufacture, please take a look at our product range here.