Corporate-thumbKeeping track of assets is key to managing your estate and planning future spending. Small or corporate, your IT and facilities departments can work efficiently to track, repair and replace assets when your asset label contains a unique number.

Adding service desk contact details to your asset tags speeds up fault finding and reduces costly down time.
Maintenance of air-conditioning units, heating and CCTV, as well as compulsory checks on electrical and safety equipment, can be logged and tracked for audits, using a barcode tracking label for each item.

Our business clients – whether SME’s or Blue chip, Facilities Management Companies or Multi-Nationals use our products to add security to devices storing critical information and client data. If the worst does happen, having up-to-date and detailed information on your asset and facilities estate can speed up recovery and minimise losses.

Police forces and insurance companies recommend marking your assets to act as a deterrent, to aid in recovery and help manage your assets effectively.

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