Industry resources

Here is a list of high-quality websites, closely associated with the products we manufacture and the standards that have to be met in order to produce them.

BPIF – The British Printing Industries Federation is a leading trade association providing support for print & printed packaging businesses or organisations in the UK.

Business Link – Good guide on security measures for protecting computers and laptops with labels and tags

Hants Fire Service – Procedures for marking assets in Fire and Rescue Service Locations.

Crime – UK Home office website on crime reduction – UK website showing images and description of how a label can be used to protect against tampering and theft.

FACT – Federation Against Copyright Theft website

IHMA – International Hologram Manufacturers Association

Insolvency Website – Laptop theft information and how to contact them, should there have been a loss of personal data on the 4 laptops they lost

ISO9001 – Accreditation to make sure your business operates to set standards and protocols

ROHS Legislation – Information on compliance for ROHS

Security Printing – Informative website defines security printing terms and explanation of current methods and processes to protect brands, value products and documents against counterfeiting or replication.

Follow Us On Twitter – The official Seareach twitter page

Google+ – The official Seareach Google page

UK Payments Administration – UK cheque printing standards association (used to be known as APACS).