Seareach® manufacture high security printed documents for government, education, insurance, military & corporation use.

These may be in the form of fiscal stamps, tax documents, exam and qualification certificates, financial documents, lottery tickets, parking permits, parking discs and ballot papers for local and national elections.

We manage your contract from start to finish, including secure storage and tracked delivery of the finished job to multiple locations nationally and world-wide.

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Printed Fiscal Stamp - showing Invisible Ink Security Feature
  • Printed Fiscal Stamp - showing Invisible Ink Security Feature
  • Security Printed Fiscal Stamp Photo
  • Customs and Excise printed Receipt with hologram
  • Security printing of government document
  • UK Printed Government Security Document
  • Vehicle certificate showing split duct ink security feature
  • Security Printed Certificate with Hologram and Heat Reactive Ink
  • Certificate of Authenticity with barcode
  • Security Parking Permit printed with Hologram & Numbering

Typical documents and printed products;

Certificates, Bonds & Tax Documents – Share Certificates, Government Bonds, Security Papers, Examination Certificates.

Tax Discs, Driving Licences and Parking Permits – Government road tax revenue discs and local authority parking permits.

ID Passes – Government, Education, Medical, Local Authority, Event & Corporation Identification passes.

Technologies recommended and employed:-

Hologram application (OVD’s)

Numbering and Barcode Printing

Split duct printing

Invisible & Fugitive inks

Die cutting and security cuts

Punching & Blind embossing

Impact & bleed-through numbering

Security paper with fibres, flecks, threads & watermarks


Using the latest production techniques and the best raw materials, Seareach® ensures that we produce high security documents that are designed to beat the counterfeiters.

We can include multiple levels of security according to the requirements of our customers and we can produce documents that are individually encoded.

This ensures that each document can be electronically verified either on-line with a call centre, or via the internet.