Seareach® are direct manufacturers of asset protection hologram labels and swing tags, incorporating a wide range of secure technologies to help combat grey-market imports & counterfeit products.

Our speciality is the manufacture of bespoke tamper evident hologram labels and tags that include both OVD’s (Optically Variable Devices) and security inks, along with variable data such as barcodes numbers and database supplied information.

With experience in cardboard swing ticket materials, paper labels with holograms, specialist inks, synthetic vinyls & polyesters with security cuts – you can be sure that Seareach® can help with your problem.

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Brand Protection Holographic Label
  • Brand Protection Holographic Label
  • Printed Hologram Swing Tickets (Tags)
  • Rugby Merchandise Tag with Hologram
  • Small Watch Swing Ticket with Hologram
  • Brand protection Hologram Label
  • Hologram on Medical Drip Bag for Authenticity
  • Medical Brand Protection Hologram Label

Some of the secure features that we utilise in our hologram stickers are:

  OVD’s (Optically Variable Devices) – holograms, foils & colour change inks

  Thermochromic inks – Disappear with different temperatures

  Water fugitive inks – To prevent alteration and for verification

  U/V fluorescing inks – Revealed under a black lamp (UV lamp)

  Security cuts, Voiding & Egg shelling label substrates

  Merchandise Hologram Swing Tickets & Swing Tags

  Split-duct printing

  Barcoding and Security Numbering

The asset protection devices that we manufacture are used in a wide variety of applications. We ensure that they are compatible with our customers packaging processes and with their market requirements.

At Seareach® we focus on providing cost effective hologram label solutions by utilising high speed manufacturing processes that enable us to produce small, medium and large runs of material in an efficient, secure environment. Our brand protection stickers are difficult to replicate using modern printing and copying facilities and include features that are almost impossible to reproduce exactly.

With APACS approved security printing disciplines,  we operate a ‘zero defect’ policy that benefits all of our customers. We use the most up-to-date machinery in our facility, enabling us to deliver products that our customers find both innovative and cost effective.

Market sectors include:

  Automotive & Aerospace product labels and products

  Pharmaceutical & medical product labels

  Cosmetic & Branded apparel labels

  Entertainment (USB, Memory-card, DVD & CD labels)

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