Security labels available with holograms by Seareach® are used for identification, warranty, tamper and access control.

They offer a visible deterrent and protection from theft, or to prevent or reveal tampering evidence.

Used by education, businesses, police & other asset-based businesses, tamperproof warranty and swap-out applications worldwide.

We can manufacture our security labels to your exact size and specification, but our standard range includes a Permanent sort that destructs on attempts at removal & a VOID material for tamper evidence.

Both types of labels are available for next-day delivery, printed to your specification!

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Void label before tampering Stage 1
  • Void label before tampering Stage 1
  • Void label showing edge when tampering has happened
  • Void label showing how the VOID pattern works
  • Photo of security frangible label
  • Close up of hologram label showing colours
  • Warranty void label
  • Security anti tamper seal label
  • Asset label on a Laptop
  • Applying Vodafone Asset Labels by Hand
  • Security label

Effective Protection – Tamper Evident & Destructible label materials.

Security Hologram – To protect against counterfeits & duplication.

Variable Data – Print from your supplied database or number sequence.

Custom designs – Bespoke sizes & shapes. Holes & panels cut out.

Used by Military, Government, Brand Owners, Aerospace & Automotive.

Fast Despatch – Many sizes can be sent for delivery next working-day.

High Quality – We use the best available materials, no compromise.

Trust the Experts – Seareach® has over 30 years’ experience.

Some of our better-known clients;

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Types of Security Labels and Stickers

Security labels come in a variety of different options, all designed to serve the main purpose of providing tamper evidence. All labels are custom printed and can include business logos or product markings and any additional text. At Seareach, we are pleased to offer both security seal stickers and security labels in a number of different sizes and materials. Each of these types of materials has their differences between one another, each being geared towards different conditions and applications. Our current tamper evident security stickers for computers come in the following types:

1. Type 1: White Permanent Security Label

This material is fully synthetic and comes with an aggressive adhesive that gets stronger over time. Once applied, these permanent labels are very difficult to remove and will come off in very small pieces if someone is determined enough to try. They can be printed with your logo, numbering ranges, barcodes and QR codes from data supplied via database or straight numbering ranges. They are suitable for extreme temperatures, outdoor and indoor and will withstand freezing temperatures or high temperatures well over 100 degrees Celsius. This is one of our most popular materials and is ofter specified by schools, businesses, government, police and hospitals.

2. Type 2: Silver Voiding Security Label

A fully synthetic material designed to mark assets, protect warranties and reveal tampering. The void labels come with a very strong two-stage adhesive that has high initial grab and gives you instant protection. Any attempts to remove or replace will reveal a VOID pattern, instantly showing if any unauthorised access, theft or tampering has taken place. These too, offer high and low temperature resistance and are suitable for external and internal use.

3. No-Mark secure labels (leaves no residue when removed, but show if tampering has been attempted)

For applications such as Buildings, Transport & Aviation access control. These low residue labels will show if attempts have been made at removing or tampering. Design with access control in mind, these secure labels have been used for many applications where the residue is not to be left on the surface it has been applied to, once removed. This prevents any damage or cleaning-up required on the items the tags have been applied to. They are suitable for sealing compartments, enclosures, doors and hatches inside and outside, such as planes, buildings, electronic boxes and vehicles. They can also be used for the privacy protection and sealing (obscuring) of camera lenses on mobile phones to prevent unauthorised photos being taken inside high-security factories and at events, such as production and film-sets where it would be catastrophic for photo or video leaks to be broadcast without consent.

4. Vinyl labels with security cuts

This is a more standard label with additional security cuts placed within the design to instigate tearing if attempts of removal take place. This is a cheaper alternative to the Type 2: Silver Voiding as the material is more cost-effective, however will not show any VOIDING pattern if tampered has taken place.

5. Toughened Security Label (with 250 micron thick Polycarbonate protective layer)

This is our robust label solution suitable for high impact and heavy-use zones. This is an under-surface printed label where the printing is protected by means of a thick 250 micron clear shell. We are able to digitally print logos, colour designs, QR codes and barcodes under the surface. These labels have been extensively used by facilities management suppliers, the building trade for items such as tools and scaffolding, hire kit, film production equipment, electronics, restaurant, catering and commercial kitchens. Supplied with 3M adhesive backings, you can be sure we have a solution for you.

6. Toughened Silver Voiding (with 250-micron thick Polycarbonate protective layer)

This contains the uber-robust properties of the toughened tags above, but with the addition of a tamper-evident VOID adhesive to show if removal, theft or tampering has occurred.


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What are Security Labels & Why Do I Need Them?

Security labels and stickers are commonly used to secure pieces of equipment, hardware, electricals and more from people trying to steal or tamper with your kit. These clever labels can either leave an adhesive residue that allows asset owners to know if their equipment has been tampered with, or destruct and reveal a pattern alerting any potential misuse or theft.

Whether it’s a laptop, some form of rental item or even machinery, security labels accompanied with barcodes can provide an added level of security for your assets, helping maintain the inventory of an item and preventing others from theft.

These labels are durable, excellent for sealing and protecting valuable assets and very common in businesses and education to ensure that no items disappear.

Benefits of Security Labels

Security stickers have huge benefits when being used. They are an excellent contribution to;

a) Long-term reductions in cost for businesses and organisations looking to keep an eye on the assets through tracking and monitoring.

b) Providing protection against unlawful opening or tampering with products and electronics.

c) Providing visible and physical protection against loss and theft and act as a great deterrent against opportunists.

The joy of these labels means that they allow you to track high-value items such as computers, tools, machinery, plant, laptops, iPads, tablets and more. They also enhance your brand due to their visual appearance and identification.

Colour-coded labels can also be used categorically, based on the item or device being tracked, this helps companies further simplify their yearly stock or inventory checks. With the addition of barcodes to security labels for computers, they can be scanned for any notes or information on the particular item, logging names and contact details as necessary.

Things like scheduled check-ups and services can also be better tracked to make sure that all electricals and machinery are compliant in a workplace, and items being passed between departments can easily be logged for better asset handling.

Security Label Application Guidelines

Applications of our non-removable (in one piece) secure stickers for PC’s & laptop security stickers (office IT kit), seams, flaps, box & bag seals, memory covers, packages, door openings, screw holes (& covers), mechanical and electronic calibration items, pharmaceutical and medical, logistics and vehicles, plus many more applications.   » Request your quotation & FREE samples here.