Heavy duty engraved tags, laser ablated (for fine detail engraving) traffolyte and etched signs for fast deployment and numbered identification of doors, safety areas, industrial plant – valves, pipes, dog tags, metal conduit marking, taps, electrics, moving parts and heavy equipment in extreme conditions.

We can also produce CNC milled custom tags and plaques – containing words, cut-outs and drilled holes for riveting or bolting into position. They are available in many colours and thicknesses.

Our stock dog tags are designed for use with our asset tag labels. Containing a drilled hole with ball link chain & clasp, this allows for looping through handles, taps & knobs for identifying & marking.

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Laser and CNC engraved name plate tags, showing colours & sizes
  • Laser and CNC engraved name plate tags, showing colours & sizes
  • Traffolyte engraved labels showing shapes and colours
  • Valve identification nameplate tag label with chain and clasp
  • CNC Engraved Key Locker Tags
  • Engraved door number letters and tags
  • Engraved Hotel Keyring
  • Numbered Door Plaques with Screw Holes

  Fast delivery – Many sizes can be dispatched in a few days

  Ball chain links & clasps – To allow hanging and looping (on Valves, etc)

  Holes pre-drilled – For physical fixing to your machinery, plant & assets.

  Range of Colours – To differentiate sites, doors, zones & applications.

  Thick gauge multi-ply plastics – Durable, for harsh environments

  Free Quote – Tell us your requirements & we’ll email or call promptly

  Credit accounts available

We are able to supply these with a quick turnaround, to allow you to get on with your hotel numbering, guest house, machinery and plant identification.

Applications of these engraved tags are for asset management, identification, numbering, warning, isolator, manifold, gas & water supply, high voltage and many more.

If you have a specific requirement for traffolyte or stainless steel tags, please let us know and we can quote on your requirement very quickly.

Types of Engraved Tags

Engraved Tags and nameplates are available in many shapes, sizes and materials. With CNC, digital printed aluminium anodised and laser engraving technology, we are proud to offer a number of options.

1. Heavy Duty Engraved Tags

Our heavy duty engraved tags are an excellent solution for those looking for signing on heavy machinery, valves, pipes and more. With the use of our CNC engraver. these signs can be provided with word engravings, cutouts and rivet holes for placements on metal, wood and plastic backings. They also come in a number of different thicknesses and sizes to make sure they are suitable for the job at hand.

2. Anodised Aluminium with Full-Colour printing

We can under-surface-print aluminium plates and provide them with drilled holes or 3M adhesive pads in order to fix to your assets. These are great in adverse conditions where it is important that branding and multiple colours are required, such as logos and even printed photos.

3. Toughened Tags (printed polycarbonate)

This is an economical method of having robust tags that are printed on the underside, where the print is protected with a thick polycarbonate shell. These flexible tags are often used on hire equipment and site tools for builders, hire companies and tradespeople. Again, these can be printed in full colour with branding, logo and sequential numbers. Often they contain contact details, such as telephone number or postcode should an item get lost or a query arises over who owns a tool.

4. Etched Signs

Our etched signs are perfect for homes and offices, which can be CNC engraved from a number of different materials to get the perfect finish. These make excellent house number plaques, memorial plaques and office signs, and are excellent all year round whether installed internally or externally due to our high-quality materials.

5. Dog Tags + Key Identifiers

We’re pleased to offer a selection of stainless steel dog tags that can be coupled with our asset labels to become unique identifiers – These, along with many of our products, can be fully customised to give you the best possible outcome based upon your requirements. We’re also able to provide key identifiers, commonly used on the likes of hotel keys and company vehicle keys.


All our labels are made to order, all orders of which are completely bespoke to our customers.


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What Are Engraved Tags & Why Do I Need Them?

Engraved tags can be made from a variety of materials including brass, stainless steel and plastic. These handy tags can be professionally engraved through our state of the art CNC machines, or they can be cut to precision to be paired with one of our asset labels.

These versatile tags can be used in a number of ways to help businesses day-to-day, whether they’re tags on keyrings to help identify hotel rooms, or whether they’re paired with a barcode label to allow access to different areas.

Engraved signs can also be used in a large number of ways, whether they’re enforcing safety protocol or used as signage on an office, home or commercial building. These signs can be made from many different materials and provided with the necessary holes and cuttings to be fitted directly to their intended place.

We can provide our signs and engraved tags with text, numbering or both, but can also engrave patterns or images where needed. These signs can come embossed and filled with colour or can be provided simply engraved.

Benefits of Engraved Tags

There are plenty of benefits in engraved signs and engraved tags. Aside from looking great and being completely versatile when it comes to catering to your requirements, we can confidently say that these signs and tags are incredibly resilient to most weather conditions and tend not to weather or fade themselves.

They have an excellent HD appearance too, with clean lines, professionally cut with precision with the use of our CNC machines to give a crisp finish, meeting the standards we set out to achieve. These tags and signs can be designed by yourself or our in-house team to suit any purpose.

Engraved tags and signs can tick off a lot of boxes too when it comes to looking for a sign solution. Due to being available in a number of different sizes and materials, they can be used in most conditions, whether it’s in a factory, office, home or retail unit.