Seareach® provides a wide range of barcode labels which can be produced using our stock or custom sizes and printed with CODE39, CODE128, QR code, 3 of 9 and many other types of industry standard barcodes.

These are used for asset marking labels for computer & office equipment, warehouse & industrial, UID (Unique Identification Labels), point-of-sale products such as Amazon and GS1.

They can be supplied with adhesives & top coat materials – suitable for permanent, general, waterproof and extreme temperatures (high and low temperatures, such as cryogenic and autoclaves).

Please contact us with your requirements and we can provide a design and quotation for you very quickly.

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Barcode labels with a hologram
  • Barcode labels with a hologram
  • HSBC Asset Tag
  • Label with many types of barcodes printed
  • Bar code labels image
  • QR code label with CE mark and number

Industry Standard Barcode symbologies – QR, CODE39, CODE128 & more.

Custom sizes – Bespoke shapes, custom cutters and dies.

Specialist Materials – We use polyesters, papers, plastics & vinyls.

Fast Delivery – Same day despatch on stock sizes, delivery tomorrow!

Materials – We use the best quality with no compromise.

Printed Holograms for Security barcodes – To stop Counterfeits & Copying.

Quality Control – We carefully check all labels for readability & voids.

30 Years’ Experience – Seareach® is a brand you can trust to get it right!

Types of Barcode Labels

Barcode labels are available in a variety of different types, each serving their own individual needs to get the job done.

Included in the range of barcode labels are:

  • Code 39
  • Code 128
  • EAN
  • ISBN
  • QR Code
  • Internal use
  • External use

Here at Seareach, we are pleased to offer the option to have completely custom barcodes too, just simply provide the designs that you require and our highly trained and experienced staff will be able to provide guidance and print the labels in the quantities needed.

Our accurate, reliable in-house printers create an excellent and impeccable finish guaranteeing a high standard of label every time.



We are pleased to offer completely bespoke quotations in any order.

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What are Barcode Labels & Why Do I Need Them?

Barcode labels have a lot more purpose than simply identifying your items. They’re in-fact one of the most popular types of labels available today and have many uses, designed to make your job a lot easier.

Linear barcodes (barcodes seen on most items) tend to hold a piece of information assigned to them by the person providing the codes.

These clever labels can hold simple bits of data, like the number of a piece of equipment, when it’s warranty or service requirements are, or how many items are left and also helps with things like logistics and warehouse tracking and management.

Barcode labels are also used on hospital tags and can be assigned information on each patient, speeding up the process of individuals being seen in busy wards by containing patient safety information.

They’re also used to monitor stock of inventory items in hospitals such as medications, vials and more plus for the tracking of equipment that is stored in hospital wards, such as WiFi access points, laptops and medical equipment. Our security barcode labels are ideal for safely tracking items with assurance of anti-tamper.

Predominantly used to keep track of assets, places like banks, large institutions and emergency services also make use of these labels. Not forgetting rental companies, who use the codes to make sure nothing goes missing over time.

Barcode Scanner

Benefits of Barcode Labels

Barcode labels come in handy for a lot of reasons and have huge benefits when putting into practice.

1. Keeping Accountability of Stock & Assets

For those looking to keep account of all assets, these labels are an excellent solution, especially for office stock like laptops or computers – simply adding an extra layer of accountability.

2. Time-Saving

Things like stock takes are also simplified with the use of barcode labels. These tasks take huge amounts of time to complete and can sometimes lead large searches to find ghost assets or looking for misplaced items and inventory.

This also helps hospitals, using barcode bracelets to help Doctors and Nurses with vital information.

3. Audit

These labels are great to keep an accurate and reliable eye for the management of assets for insurance and auditing purposes, which helps prevent mishaps or disappearing assets.

Our Barcode Manufacturing Capabilities

Seareach is able to supply your variable data barcode labels on rolls with many different sizes and specifications. We supply to Medical & Healthcare, Security, Military & Police, Aerospace and many other businesses and corporations worldwide.

All work is Quality Controlled and inspected by machinery and trained staff, who are experienced and specialise in these products.

We look forward to hearing from you.


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