Asset labels (or asset tags) by Seareach® help identify and track your workplace stock, so you can sleep easy at night.

Your organisation probably owns hundreds, if not thousands, of pieces of equipment. From portable laptops and desktop computers to tablets, chromebook’s, microsoft surface’s, Apple iPads, tools, printers, scanners, mobile phones, radios, USB flash drive sticks and furniture.

Stopping it from going ‘walkabout’ is every manager’s nightmare, as identifying and keeping track of all this kit is difficult at the best of times.

Utilising asset tags allows easy monitoring of all workplace stock.

With thousands of satisfied customers, you can be sure we understand your requirements and can offer a solution.

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Asset label on a Laptop
  • Asset label on a Laptop
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Strong adhesive asset labels to mark, identify & protect your equipment

Free numbering, logo, bar-code and delivery included

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Sizes made for laptops, computers, furniture, tablets & smaller devices

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Some of our better-known clients;

Better known clients

What are asset tags?

Asset tags, or labels, are a familiar sight in businesses, hospitals and organisations large and small. These labels are used to keep track of vital assets both fixed and portable as they move in and around your organisation.

Asset labelling allows you to identify your assets as your own and help prevent opportunistic theft and accidental loss.

When your key assets and tools are taken away from your location, you need a label that can stand up to the worst you can throw at it. Our toughened asset tags and barcode labels feature a full polycarbonate face or aluminium backing to defend against rough treatment and use.

Ideal for hand tools and hard-working field equipment, these asset tags are our toughest offering.

What materials are asset labels available with?

Type 1: White Permanent

Type 1 Asset Label

This high-performance label material uses a strong adhesive, has excellent initial ‘grab’ and will conform to most surfaces. No messy glues to contend with.

The bond is instant, so you can continue with marking other assets without having to wait. Maximum protection is attained in 24 hours. The durable acrylic adhesive is suited to most types of surfaces, such as plastics and metals.

Once fully set, the material is impossible to remove easily, or in one piece. It’s so good, that 90% of our customers use it.


Type 2 : Silver Voiding

Type 2 Asset Tag

Designed to show a “void” mark if tampering or attempts at removal of the label need to be identified.

The construction of the material is a polyester face with a two-stage adhesive. This voiding label adheres very well to most surfaces and has an excellent initial ‘grab’. On any attempt at removal or lifting, it will leave the word VOID on the label and on the surface it is stuck to.

Even if you try to replace the tag by sticking it down in the same position again, it will be apparent that tampering or attempts at removal of the label have taken effect.


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Seareach® have a flat charging system for all our asset tags and labels. Whether you choose Type 1: White Permanent, Type 2: Silver VOID, with or without logos or barcodes – the price is the same.

FREE Design, FREE Delivery*, NO hidden charges!

Quantity Total Cost GBP Total Cost EURO
50 £95 €110 **
100 £140 €165 **
200 £200 €235 **
300 £250 €295 **
500 £350 €405 **
1,000 £500 €585 **
2,000 £850 €985 **
5,000 £1500 €1740 **
10,000 £1950 €2260 **
Price includes FREE same-day despatch but excludes VAT (if applicable)
* – FREE DELIVERY to the UK – or FREE delivery world-wide when ordering 500 or more.** Euro prices correct as of June ’17 – Please enquire for latest prices. Thank you.


Fixed asset tags from Seareach® have been designed to prevent or deter theft and to physically mark office furniture, laptops, desktop PCs and other IT equipment. The labels are quick to apply, with the adhesive being almost instant bonding and very difficult to remove. Our Asset Tags are also a considerable upgrade from the old-style metal tags, which are easier to take off!

Each asset tag, or label, is bespoke and can contain logos, motifs, barcodes, QR codes & sequential numbers – you can have anything printed that we can physically fit on the label when designing. Labels are supplied on rolls for easy hand application, just simply peel and apply.

Trust the experts, trust Seareach®


Why do I need asset tags?

Some people look at asset tags as a grudge purchase or bureaucratic nonsense, to keep management or governors’ happy, however, the importance of these is more significant than would initially appear.

There is a financial impact of equipment being misplaced or stolen, however, the more sinister after-effects are loss or distribution of confidential personal data and business records.

Having a poorly implemented, or even worse, an absent asset register is no excuse and allowing your equipment to be floating around without a unique identifier or where encryption has not been deployed, is a recipe for disaster.

Repercussions of this mismanagement can result in disciplinary or legal action, hefty fines, prosecution and have been known to result in a criminal record. This is especially true with entities such as government bodies, ICT in schools and education institutes along with corporation and businesses.

The cost of an asset label is marginal compared to what you are protecting, so why risk it?

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Benefits of asset labels and tags

1. Inventory control and auditing

Our asset labels, tied in with a well-kept asset management register, play an important role in assisting with control over where IT equipment is located. This can include checking warranty statuses, expiration of service contracts, records of disposed of equipment, whether the equipment has been lent, or borrowed and an instant figure on your current exposure or value, should an audit be required.

2. Asset labels act as a deterrent and can help prevent theft

Having asset labels not only helps with visual identification but also deters thieves. If you were a thief and saw two identical laptops on a desk, one with a fixed asset label on it and another without, you would be instantly attracted to the one without. You may think that if they’ve made the effort to mark their assets, they’ve probably implemented other methods to protect their laptop – such as encryption and/or other electronic protection measures; Conversely, the unmarked laptop appears to be an easier target and may not even have a password on it.

3. Prevent tampering of components

Strategic placement of asset stickers can allow you to protect important areas of a computer, portable devices, networking or server equipment. For instance, you could straddle a seam where the laptop battery meets the casing, therefore providing instant notification of attempted removal. This can also work with memory compartment covers, slots and screw holes. If you choose a void label, this leaves the word “VOID” where the label has been lifted or removed and once replaced, still indicates evidence of tampering. The addition of asset tags, or labels, quickly reduces the instances of swapping or removing memory modules and ancillary devices, without the IT department knowing.

4. Making police aware of the owner

People who purchase our asset number labels normally include addresses or telephone numbers on their design. You may find that the top line would say “Property of” and then a company name, followed by a barcode, a number and then a postcode and/or telephone number. This is especially helpful should a lost item be returned to a lost property office or handed into the local police station. Fact: There are thousands of pieces of IT equipment that get handed into lost and found, that never get reunited with their owner and end up being auctioned off, which can be avoided with the use of asset tags.

5. Asset tags for outdoor equipment

We have many clients that order our outdoor asset tags to identify and mark external units – such as air conditioning condensers, CCTV cameras, electronic cabinets, vehicles and ambulances, marine environment, outdoor digital signage and many more. If you have a particular application, we’d be pleased to hear from you, as we love a challenge!


Insurance benefits from using identification labels

Insurance for IT equipment is essential, however certain insurers’ require that you identify your assets with labels in order to be covered by their policies. Many insurance companies offer incentives and discounts if you asset tag all your equipment. Insurance companies are shrewd when it comes to paying out, they want to get the best value out of their policies. When they recommend that you use our asset labels, surely this should make you realise that it actually results in less risk.


Tips for applying asset labels

It’s very important to make sure that the surface that you are applying the labels to is clean and free of any contaminants. One method of doing this is to use an alcohol wipe and a dry lint-free cloth. Open the wipe from the sachet and press quite firmly on the surface (whilst wiping) and check to make sure that no dirt or marks are left on the wipe. After you have completed this you need to make sure that you dry off any residue of the alcohol before applying the label with the absorbent cloth, as this can affect the strength of the adhesive.

One the label has been affixed, for further support to the bond, you can use a rubber roller to apply additional pressure to the surface. This will ensure the strongest bond once the adhesive has set. Do not attempt to remove the label for at least an hour, however, full strength will be after 4 to 24 hours.


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