Tips for applying asset labels

It’s very important to make sure that the surface that you are applying the ICT labels to is clean and free of any contaminants. One method of doing this is to use an alcohol wipe and a dry lint-free cloth. Open the wipe from the sachet and press quite firmly on the surface, whilst wiping and check to make sure that no dirt or marks are left on the wipe. After you have completed this you need to make sure that you dry off any residue of the alcohol before applying the label with the absorbent cloth, as this can affect the strength of the adhesive.

One the label has been affixed, for further support to the bond, you can use a rubber roller to apply additional pressure to the surface. This will ensure the strongest bond once the adhesive has set. Do not attempt to remove the label for at least a minute, however full strength will be after 1 to 24 hours.