Performing an Audit or Creating an Asset Register

Here is a general guide to help things run smoothly when carrying out your audit. If this is the first audit you are running you will need to decide how you will be breaking down your assets. This could be for example by type (PC’s & Laptops, Lighting & Heating) or location.

How you log your assets will depend on what is best for you. You may prefer to log all the items of a set type at one time or work from room to room – floor to floor.

Don’t forget – Before starting make sure your data capture device (smart phone, tablet etc) is fully charged!
When entering each item you simply log the asset details (Serial Number, Description, Location) against the pre-printed asset number. Now you can call up the asset number to view all the logged details.

The most important thing is to ensure that you log every item to maintaining your register. This could mean logging when a laptop is issued to personnel or if a repair or planned maintenance has been carried out. This effort will leave you with a complete picture of your assets – powerful information for both financial and technical planning.

Top Tips:
Take your time! – Any errors will need to be checked a second time.
Use a barcode! – A bar code will make logging the asset number far quicker and prevent human entry errors.
Log everything! – The more complete and up-to-date your register the more useful it can be.
Back up…and backup again! – In case the worst happens, having a back up, (on & off site) will make it a snap to let the police and insurance companies know what has been lost or damaged.