Posted: 15 October, 2013 Category: General

Stealing from your businessIt’s easy, with a business of any size, to prioritise security against outside sources and ensure your place of work is safeguarded against thieves and wrong-doers.

With expensive technology such as projectors, tablets, laptops, computers and important company data, many business owners spend thousands ensuring their office becomes impenetrable.

However what about the risks that come from your employees? You know, those people who are in your office or classroom everyday and the access they are given to your expensive equipment.

Employers will only employ those staff they feel are trustworthy (and of course, most are). However, theft and damage to company property is always something that should be prepared for, by every business owner.

A recent survey by Seareach has uncovered the hidden secrets of workers around the country – as anonymous results have revealed how employees really feel about stealing from their employer.

Office rules

When asked if employees would have to replace electronic work equipment that was stolen whilst in their possession, the majority said ‘no’, as long as the right precautions had be taken to keep the equipment safe.

Surprisingly,  20% of those surveyed believed they would have to replace office equipment if it was stolen whilst in their possession – leaving many employees feeling more than a little put out about the responsibility of their position at work!

Employers clearly take their electronic equipment seriously, especially as some seem willing to place the responsibility of replacement upon their employees. But what about security measures at work?

Security cameras were the most common security measure at work in regards to office equipment, which 28% of the respondents revealed. Locks on doors came in surprisingly low at 17%, while only 4% use alarmed chains.

It is clear from the results that security within the work place is sadly lacking and in need of improvement across many offices across the country. How has the lack of security affected employees reaction to the temptation to steal the equipment they are trusted with every day?

Five-finger discount

More than 50% of people surveyed said they had never stolen anything from their workplace, which is of course incredibly comforting. Unfortunately, some employees have not been so trustworthy!

When it came to stealing something within the price range of £1-£5, 13% of those surveyed admitted to sneaking off with the odd pen or pad of paper. A small number admitted to stealing something worth between £6-£50, though it was the final results that have been the most disturbing.

More than 6% of employees admitted to stealing equipment worth £51 or more from their place of work, which could include anything from stock to expensive electronic equipment. On top of this, 15% of those surveyed believed that, if they attempted to steal anything electrical from work, they would be able to get away with it!

A huge percentage of the people we surveyed would be deterred from stealing electronic equipment if the equipment was clearly labelled with a security or asset label, so these should be your number one priority (except maybe locks on your doors!)