Tagging equipment in a plant room

Asset tagging & identifying plant equipment

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When creating an asset register, it’s easy to think about the obviously high value IT kit (e.g. computers, servers and portable equipment as found in offices and server rooms), but you should not overlook the infrequently seen workings of your estate. All around your buildings – placed on roof tops, corners and hiding behind ceiling […]

Britvic asset register sticker

What should be on asset register stickers?

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Many of our customers ask us what information they should include when designing asset register stickers, so we thought we’d write a quick post outlining the most common features. ‘Property of’ or ‘Serviced by’ are probably the two most popular titles used, that are present on the top of the asset tag. Your company or […]

Stealing from your business

White-collar crime: Is someone secretly stealing from your organisation?

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It’s easy, with a business of any size, to prioritise security against outside sources and ensure your place of work is safeguarded against thieves and wrong-doers. With expensive technology such as projectors, tablets, laptops, computers and important company data, many business owners spend thousands ensuring their office becomes impenetrable. However what about the risks that […]

Scottish Emergency Rider Volunteer Service

Laptop Theft may have Health Implications

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Having just read the news about the theft of a laptop from Scottish Rider Volunteer Service (ScotsERVS) (see article here), it shows how important to have your critical IT equipment properly marked and identifiable. Having your laptops in secure safes is great, providing they stay there, but these are only usually stored when it isn’t […]

Country of origin labels photo

Country of Origin Labels

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With the amount of exports coming to and from the UK, many of our customers look for Country of Origin Labelling (COOL), to put on products for export to places such as Dubai, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. We can produce small and discrete labels for marking up your products, allowing for inspectors to […]

Asset Labels for Computers Photo

Why do I need asset & security labels?

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Some people look at asset labels as a grudge purchase or bureaucratic nonsense, to keep the management or governors’ happy, however the importance of these is more significant than would initially appear. Firstly, there is an obvious financial impact of equipment being misplaced or stolen, however the more sinister after-effects are loss or distribution of […]