Posted: 10 June, 2023 Category: Military and Aerospace
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Seareach® specialises in supply of cutting-edge security labels for the military and aerospace industries. Our extensive experience in designing and manufacturing advanced label products allows us to meet the unique challenges and stringent requirements of these high-stakes sectors.

We engineer our labels to deliver unparalleled security and durability, ensuring critical data remains intact in the most demanding environments.

Above all, Military and Aerospace applications demand security labels that are difficult to copy or counterfeit, need to withstand extreme conditions and provide accurate identification and information at all times.

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Customised Security Labels

Qantas passenger aeroplane use security labels by Seareach

Every military and aerospace project comes with its own set of specifications and requirements, which is why we offer tailored labelling solutions to address your specific needs. Our team of experts work closely to understand your unique challenges and offer security labels that meet your exacting standards.

Compliance with Stringent Standards

We understand that the military and aerospace industries adhere to rigorous standards and regulations, so our labelling solutions are designed to comply with these requirements. Seareach® ensures that our labels meet or exceed industry standards, ensuring your products are in full compliance.

Extreme Environment Resistant Labels

We build our labelling solutions to withstand the harshest conditions encountered in military and aerospace applications. Whether it’s exposure to chemicals, extreme temperatures, high-pressure environments, or prolonged solar radiation our labels maintain their integrity and readability. They are resistant to abrasion, chemical agents, and UV radiation, ensuring vital information remains clear and visible.

Counterfeit Protection, Precision & Legibility

We understand identification of genuine components is essential in military and aerospace settings, where it can be a matter of life and death. Firstly, hologram counterfeit protection labels offer validation that they are genuine, whilst maintaining superior legibility in challenging conditions . Secondly, they often incorporate variable information such as numbering, overt and covert features, barcodes & QR codes, ensuring seamless operation and enhanced safety.

Tampering Protection and Traceability

In military and aerospace applications, security and traceability are paramount. Our labelling solutions can include security features that prevent tampering, counterfeiting and identification of unauthorised access. Additionally, we offer advanced traceability options, such as Datamatrix and QR codes, which enable in-house databases to offer tracking and monitoring of assets, enhancing logistical efficiency and security.

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Collaborative Approach and Technical Support

Seareach® believes in establishing strong partnerships with our military and aerospace clients. Our team of experts works closely with you, offering technical support and guidance throughout the design and manufacturing process. From initial concept development to testing and implementation, we deliver superior results that meet your specific requirements.

Choose Seareach® for Military and Aerospace Security Labels

When it comes to military and aerospace hologram labels, Seareach® should be considered as your trusted partner. Firstly, we combine cutting-edge technology, rigorous testing and a customer-centric approach to providing security labels that excel in performance, durability and compliance. Secondly, we have worked directly with military organisations such NATO, United Nations, USAF, the RAF, to name a few. Thirdly, we are 100% customer focussed and put your needs first. Our custom hologram solutions, you can enhance the safety, efficiency and reliability of your military and aerospace operations.