Posted: 3 September, 2013 Category: Product News

Country of origin labels photoWith the amount of exports coming to and from the UK, many of our customers look for Country of Origin Labelling (COOL), to put on products for export to places such as Dubai, Europe, the Middle East, Australia and Asia.

In an increasingly interconnected global market, consumers have become more conscious of the origin of products they purchase.

Country of origin labels play a crucial role in providing consumers with valuable information about the manufacturing location and quality of goods.

We manufacture small and discrete country of origin stickers for marking up your products, allowing for inspectors to see “Made in England” or “Made in the UK”.

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For UK exports to Europe, country of origin labels are of paramount importance due to European Union (EU) regulations. The EU has specific requirements for indicating the origin of products, ensuring fair competition and consumer protection. UK exporters must comply with these regulations to continue accessing the EU market, as it remains a significant trading partner.


Asia, a diverse and vast region, presents its own set of challenges and opportunities for UK exporters. Country of origin labels cater to the cultural preferences and specific consumer demands within Asian countries. For example, Japan places high importance on the origin of products, and labelling them accurately is crucial for success in this market. Additionally, in countries like China, where counterfeit goods are a concern, clear country of origin labelling helps combat such issues and ensures the authenticity of UK exports.


Australia, with its well-regulated consumer protection laws, also emphasises country of origin labelling. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) enforces strict guidelines to prevent false or misleading claims about a product’s origin. Complying with these regulations enables UK exporters to maintain their credibility and satisfy Australian consumers’ demand for transparent information.

Dubai and the Middle East

The Middle East, known for its diverse cultural and religious practices, places significance on country of origin labels, especially in the context of food and beverages. Halal certification, in particular, is highly relevant to Muslim consumers, and clear labelling helps ensure compliance with Islamic dietary requirements. Meeting such cultural and religious sensitivities builds trust and expands market opportunities for UK exports in this region, especially when exporting to Dubai.


Beyond the aforementioned regions, many countries worldwide value country of origin stickers. While regulations may vary, the underlying objective remains the same – providing consumers with accurate information and fostering trust. In a highly competitive global market, UK exporters gain a competitive edge by labelling their products effectively, showcasing the integrity and authenticity of their offerings.

Our country of origin stickers can be supplied for hand or machine application and are very difficult to remove, which is part of the regulations found here.

The materials we use are either permanent, tamper destructible or show a VOID pattern if they are tampered with or removed.

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