Why Buying Cheap Security Labels is False Economy

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Introduction Seareach® is a security printing company, proud of the high quality security labels and asset labels we manufacture. We explore the reasons why buying cheap labels can be detrimental to your business, compromising tamper evidence, asset control and brand reputation. When it comes to security labelling, businesses often face the temptation to opt for […]

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Asset Labels – Choosing the Right Company

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In today’s fast-paced business environment, asset labels play a vital role in effectively managing and tracking assets for organisations. They provide identification and traceability for valuable equipment, inventory and property. When selecting a company to produce asset labels, UK businesses should consider several factors to ensure high-quality, durable labels. We will guide you through the […]

COVID-19 Statement

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Seareach is in operation, taking orders & processing jobs. We are running key A/B operational teams, whilst staff are working from home unless they strictly need to be present. We are fully abiding by Government advice and following our own strict protocols. We hope you appreciate that we are currently prioritising NHS, Government & Military […]

Cyber Attacks

History of the Most Notorious Cyber Attacks

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Way back in 1834, the first cyber-attack took place, by the Blanc brothers; they discovered a way to see current trends before the Bordeaux stock market by ‘hacking’ the steganography system in France. Since this attack, most cyber-attacks have taken place over the internet. Here, we discover the most notorious cyber-attacks as online security label […]

Working at Christmas

Three-Quarters of Office Workers Want Flexible Working Over Christmas

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With Christmas fast approaching, spending time with the family is essential for many office workers. Recent research from an online security label manufacture can reveal that over 75% would like more flexibility with their work over this period. Following on from their research into the office flexibility and staff working from home, online security labels […]

Plastic Bottle in Ocean

39% of Consumers Are Sick of Manufacturers Not Changing Their Packaging Habits

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When it comes to recycling, many people in the UK are proactive. However recent research by an online labelling website found that people are exasperated with manufacturers not making any efforts to reducing their packaging. Manufacturers using packaging which cannot be recycled and local councils not providing consistent recycling services across the country are two […]

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58% Etsy Shoppers Flock to the Site to Buy Unique & Personalised Items

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In a growing world of micro businesses, research from an online security labelling company can reveal that over 50% of people use Etsy because of their selection of unique and personalised items. As more people step away from popular high street brands and e-commerce giants such as eBay and Amazon, online marketplaces are becoming increasingly […]

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Lost or Stolen Assets Cost Businesses More than Just Replacement Items

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As recent research shows, 25% of employees have lost important assets relating to their job. But is there more than just the cost of replacement? With mobile phones and memory sticks being two of the main assets lost or stolen, what are the other implications for businesses and what effect does this have on them […]