Posted: 16 June, 2023 Category: Watermarked Paper
Bespoke watermark on security paper

Seareach® is a bona-fide security printing company who manufacture bespoke security watermarked paper to your specification or design.

When it comes to certificates and secure document printing; whether academic, governmental or business, security is paramount.

Counterfeiting poses a significant threat to the integrity and value of certificates and documents.

Custom watermark paper is a powerful solution that combines security and aesthetics. The security watermark of your chosen logo or text is an excellent choice for certificates and documents to prevent copying, along with enhancing desirability. It also allows you to overprint with a laser or inkjet printer to personalise with your important information

Security Features of Watermark Paper

Watermarked paper offers unparalleled security features that act as a robust defence against counterfeiting. A watermark is an embedded design or pattern created during paper manufacturing process which becomes integral to the paper itself. The watermarks are visible when held up to a light source, providing an immediate and distinctive authentication feature. Counterfeiters find it extremely difficult to replicate or forge watermarks accurately. The feature deters attempts to create fraudulent copies of your certificates. Incorporating a watermark into your documents establishes a cost-effective and recognisable security feature that adds a significant layer of protection and authenticity.

Instant Verification and Brand Awareness

Beyond security, custom watermarked paper enhances the overall appeal and prestige of your certificates. The delicate and subtle watermark adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the design. It showcases your brand’s attention to detail and commitment to quality, instantly capturing attention. Watermarked paper elevates the visual aesthetics of your certificates, making them stand out from generic or plain alternatives. This distinction reinforces the value and significance of the printed information you overprint with your laser printer or inkjet.

Customised watermark stationery

Bespoke logo as watermark in security paper

Watermarked paper offers versatility and customisation options, allowing you to tailor the design to your specific brand and certificate requirements. You can provide your watermark pattern to us, including logos, emblems or text that align with your brand identity and values.

Additionally, watermarks can be placed strategically on the paper, such as in the corners or as a background element.

This enables you to create certificates or documents that reflect your brand’s uniqueness and make it difficult to replicate for counterfeiters.

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Holograms and specialist inks

Seareach® is experienced in adding additional features to increase the security of watermark paper by adding elements such as ….

  • OVD’s (Optically Variable Devices), such as security holograms

  • thermochromic inks (inks that appear or disappear with change of temperature).

  • Effects such as burnishing and embossing (to enhance crests and logos)

  • control sequential numbering

  • guilloche patterns

  • invisible UV inks

… these all add additional layers of security, making it much more difficult to copy or replicate.

Watermarking is a long-lasting and durable feature

Watermarked paper is known for its longevity and durability. The watermark becomes an integrated part of the paper fibres, ensuring that it remains intact even after handling, folding, tampering or archiving. This longevity is crucial for certificates that may be subject to prolonged UV light, such as displayed on a wall, or kept within a vehicle. The watermark ensures that the security feature remains prominent and visible, confirming the authenticity of the documents even years after it has been produced. The durability of watermarking adds to the documents value and makes it a reliable choice for certificates that are intended to withstand the test of time.


Seareach® watermarked paper has been historically used by governments, global organisations, vehicle manufacturers, universities, governing bodies and aid agencies for items such as payment vouchers for food, certificates of conformity for transport and vehicles, qualification certificates and security letterheads for banks and internal communication.

Seareach® should be your considered partner

Seareach® watermarked paper offers a winning combination of security, elegance and brand appeal for certificates. By incorporating an indelible marking into your certificate design, you not only safeguard against counterfeiting but also enhance the overall aesthetic and prestige associated with your brand. The distinct and recognisable watermark serves as a symbol of authenticity and quality, reinforcing the value of the certificate and instilling trust. When it comes to certificates that demand security and visual impact, it is important to partner with a company with a long standing experience in watermarked paper. We look forward to working with you on your project.

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