Posted: 12 November, 2013 Category: General

When creating an asset register, it’s easy to think about the obviously high value IT kit (e.g. computers, servers and portable equipment as found in offices and server rooms), but you should not overlook the infrequently seen workings of your estate.

All around your buildings – placed on roof tops, corners and hiding behind ceiling panels are high value assets; the plant equipment, that is integral to keeping your operations running.

Tagging equipment in a plant room

What is classified as plant equipment?
(Photo on left of a typical plant room with control panel.)

* Fume extract fans and piping
* Boilers and thermostats
* Humidifiers and chillers
* Electrical and control panels
* Ventilation ductwork and filters
* Generators and industrial compressors
* Conduit, ducting and pipework
* Pumps and storage tanks
* Indoor air conditioning units
* Outdoor condensing units

When planning maintenance schedules, running audits or looking for the cause of a problem, being able to get a quick inventory of your plant equipment is a big time saver. When you create a register you can include details on the equipment including location and service history. Additional data, such as warranty details or technical support information can be added, so all the information you need is at your finger-tips.

As an added bonus your accounts department will have a list of what you own – how much it is worth and what it costs each year in maintenance, servicing and down time.

When thinking about what to include on your asset tags for your plant equipment beyond a serial number, a barcode or QR code is helpful in speeding up logging your assets on the register. You can also include company branding details such as a logo. For conduits and pipe work you may wish to include information on where the pipe is going, what it is carrying and what units serve it.

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