Posted: 2 November, 2013 Category: General

Photo of Britvic asset register sticker Many of our customers ask us what information they should include when designing asset register stickers, so we thought we’d write a quick post outlining the most common features.

  1. ‘Property of’ or ‘Serviced by’ are probably the two most popular titles used, that are present on the top of the asset tag.
  2. Your company or organisation name is usually the second
  3. A bar-code and or a sequential number to help with audit and asset inventory register reconciliation.
  4. Contact or return details, such as a postcode, website address or telephone number.
  5. Logo, crest or motif – to visually show that the item is owned or serviced by your recognizable brand. This helps people understand who owns the asset and helps prevent loss, tampering or theft.

However, you can save worrying about the above by letting Seareach design your asset label for you. We offer this service free of charge for all potential customers. Our in-house designers have experience of designing many thousands of labels, so let us know what information you think you need and we’ll provide advice and generate a design that’s perfectly suited to your requirements.

You can see our asset stickers here.