Why Buying Cheap Security Labels is False Economy

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Introduction Seareach® is a security printing company, proud of the high quality security labels and asset labels we manufacture. We explore the reasons why buying cheap labels can be detrimental to your business, compromising tamper evidence, asset control and brand reputation. When it comes to security labelling, businesses often face the temptation to opt for […]

Bespoke logo as watermark in security paper

Bespoke Security watermark paper printing

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Seareach® is a bona-fide security printing company who manufacture bespoke security watermarked paper to your specification or design. When it comes to certificates and secure document printing; whether academic, governmental or business, security is paramount. Counterfeiting poses a significant threat to the integrity and value of certificates and documents. Custom watermark paper is a powerful […]

Chinook security label Photo

Military and Aerospace Security Labels

Seareach® specialises in supply of cutting-edge security labels for the military and aerospace industries. Our extensive experience in designing and manufacturing advanced label products allows us to meet the unique challenges and stringent requirements of these high-stakes sectors. We engineer our labels to deliver unparalleled security and durability, ensuring critical data remains intact in the […]

Plant hire security labels in kubota digger

Plant Hire and Tool Security Labels

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Plant hire and tool security labels are essential to help you manage equipment effectively, ensuring clear identification, allow tracking and compliance with safety regulations along with a visible mark to prevent theft and loss. Are you in the tool and equipment hire industry and always looking for ways to improve efficiency, productivity and safety when […]

Electronics security tamper label showing void features

Security stickers – Electronics tamper prevention

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We the importance of using security stickers for electronics, to prevent tampering and enhancing the overall protection of your devices. Electronic devices have become an major part of our lives, serving various purposes from communication, automation, monitoring and productivity to entertainment. However, as technology advances so do the risks associated with unauthorised access and tampering. […]

photo of four custom asset labels

Asset Labels – Choosing the Right Company

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In today’s fast-paced business environment, asset labels play a vital role in effectively managing and tracking assets for organisations. They provide identification and traceability for valuable equipment, inventory and property. When selecting a company to produce asset labels, UK businesses should consider several factors to ensure high-quality, durable labels. We will guide you through the […]

COVID-19 Statement

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Seareach is in operation, taking orders & processing jobs. We are running key A/B operational teams, whilst staff are working from home unless they strictly need to be present. We are fully abiding by Government advice and following our own strict protocols. We hope you appreciate that we are currently prioritising NHS, Government & Military […]

Cyber Attacks

History of the Most Notorious Cyber Attacks

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Way back in 1834, the first cyber-attack took place, by the Blanc brothers; they discovered a way to see current trends before the Bordeaux stock market by ‘hacking’ the steganography system in France. Since this attack, most cyber-attacks have taken place over the internet. Here, we discover the most notorious cyber-attacks as online security label […]

Secure by Design Government Security Label

New code of practice to protect UK consumers from spying

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The UK government has announced plans for a new Secure by Design security labelling scheme as part of a new consultation published today. The code of practice calls for security labels to be applied to connected smart devices, informing consumers that basic security measures have been included. The new code of practice is at this […]